Picasso Dg Album.

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Picasso Dg Photo Album-Profesional Edition

Professional Edition

Professional Edition is specially designed for professional photographers and designers who need powerfull inbuilt tools, speed, efficiency and ease of use to design unique and creative photo books, album pages, calendars etc… in a very short time. Users can save their creations in JPG, BMP, TIFF or Targa format and print their creation on any printer they wish to print. We offer Picasso Dg Photo Album-Professional Edition for Professional and Photographer, Who want to create Professional Album with in Click. Professional Edition Export Album in various image format (jpeg, png, tiff, targa...etc) More than 30 IMAGE format supported. More than 1000 Ready template absolutely free with these software. In Professional Edition you can edit or modify existing template and create your own template. We provide customization and distributorship as you required

Professional Package Contained:

  • CD-Professional Edition Designing Software with Dongle - 200$
  • DVD-800+Template and Decorate(Frame,Mask,ClipArt ...etc)- 100$,
  • Shiping-80$
  • Total Price-380$

Picasso Dg Photo Album-Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is specially designed for printing contain lab end (Picasso Print Manager) applications and Client end application which has same feature as Professional Edition only it cannot directly export image or print, in this application your clients create their own album, calendar, photo book and many more design. Export it to encrypted image which will send to your end on removable media or directly through ftp.once project is receive at your end Picasso Print Manager Software at your end will convert this project to known image format which you can print on any printer and deliver final product to your customer.

Enterprise Package Contained:

  • CD-DG Photo Album Enterprise Client Version. (Unlimited Distribution License Fee) - 1500$
  • DVD-800+Template and Decorate(Frame,Mask,ClipArt ...etc) (Unlimited Distribution License Fee)- 500$,
  • CD-Picasso Print Manager with Dongle-1000$
  • Shiping-80$
  • Total Price-3080$

Picasso Dg Photo Album-Home Edition

Home Edition

Home edition is low cost solution for normal and hobbyist user who want to create personal album, calendar, photobook and many more design. As normal user do not want to create their own template so in this edition user can only use existing template and create their own project (album, calendar, photo book) by just drag drop their own contain in existing template and Users can save their creations in JPG, BMP, TIFF or Targa format and print their creation on any printer they wish to print. More than 250 ready templates absolutely free with Home Edition.

Home Package Contained:

  • CD-Home Edition Designing Software with Dongle - 160$
  • DVD-300+Template and Decorate(Frame,Mask,ClipArt ...etc)- 40$,
  • Shiping-80$
  • Total Price-280$